Uruguay vacation - on the trail of nature

Uruguay is an undiscovered paradise for nature lovers. Impressive landscapes, a huge flora and fauna, national parks, nature reserves as well as picturesque lagoons invite you to observation tours.


  • Swimming with the sea lions
    On a little island in the Atlantic Ocean we found nowadays the biggest colony of sea lions in South America. On this excursion you observe the animals from a close range and in their natural environment. Please don`t forget your swimming things because you are invited to swim with the sea lions.

    start/end: Punta del Este
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  • Laguna Rocha - Canoe Tour

    The complete region of the lagoon is an real nature paradise where an extraordinary wildlife developed. On this unique excursion you float by canoe through the lagoon and observe the wildlife at close range.

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  • Cabo Polonio - Trekking Tour
    On this adventurous hike you cross the imposing shifting sand dunes which counts to the biggest in South America and make you fell to be in the desert. We walk on trails which were already used by the colonists and discover marks of old settlements and you immerge footstep by footstep into the desertlike world of dunes. (level: medium - walk of 9 km)

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