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Uruguay - a country for discoverer and nature lover


As a travel specialist for vacations in Uruguay, we are looking forward to showing you the hidden travel treasures of a very special country in South America!

Uruguay is located directly on the South American Atlantic coast, between Brazil and Argentina and offers the right setting for every taste and vacation desire in the smallest space; whether beach, horseback riding, cultural or nature vacation. Especially the capital Montevideo is a popular destination. It is one of the safest cities in Latin America.

Uruguay is still an insider tip, an undiscovered vacation paradise with a fascinating variety of landscapes. Experience on your Uruguay trip miles of white dream beaches, enchanting lagoons and nature reserves, historic estancias in colonial style, places steeped in history and cultural highlights, dreamy fishing villages, vibrant cities and lively traditions.

Immerse yourself in a world full of impressive contrasts and spend an unforgettable vacation in Uruguay. The small country has already enchanted many visitors and for your round trip through Uruguay you should plan enough time in any case.


Discover Flora and Fauna in Uruguay

Uruguay is a true natural paradise and many regions (river and grass landscapes, lagoons, forests, lake and coastal areas and islands) have been declared nature reserves. Some of these areas are only accessible on foot or by horseback, which is why Uruguay has a rich fauna and especially bird life. Unlike many tourist developed countries, Uruguay is in large parts still as pristine as ever. Here there are no traffic jams and in the interior of the country not even traffic noise. The varied landscape of Uruguay changes within a few kilometers and fascinates with dream coasts and the hilly hinterland.


History and cultural heritage of Uruguay

The territory of today's Uruguay was a much contested territory in colonial history and three massive fortifications are silent witnesses of this era. In many towns, especially in Colonia del Sacramento, you can dive deep into Uruguay's history. Numerous historical museums, old city walls, city gates, colonial splendorous buildings, romantic courtyards and many other relics of times long past impressively reflect the cultural heritage of the country. In Montevideo, colonial buildings form an exciting symbiosis with modern architecture. If you travel inland, you can experience the old customs of the gauchos, who once rounded up stray cattle in the pampas. Particularly popular is the country's largest gaucho festival, which attracts thousands of spectators each year with competitions, a large parade, live music and traditional asado.


The best time for your vacation in Uruguay

Uruguay's pleasant subtropical climate is similar to that of southern Spain. The most pleasant time for northern Europeans to travel is during the European winter, especially in November, February and March. During these months Uruguay still has bathing weather, but the beaches are not as crowded. If you book in December and January, you will catch the absolute high season. Prices on the coast are correspondingly high, especially in Punta del Este and José Ignacio.


Discover Uruguay in all its facets

We are specialized in vacations in Uruguay. Our offers are united by the active character. We offer exclusive tours and our trips live from the contact with locals. With us you will visit the most important sights, but above all we offer a look behind the tourist scenes. We bring you in touch with the culture and history of the country.



Bienvenidos and welcome to Uruguay!