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City tours in Montevideo


You are en route in South America and also want to make a side trip to the capital of Uruguay? Don`t lose time with study the city map and searching for the sights. Contact us directly and we show you the attractions of the city. Finally you saw and experienced much more of Montevideo, got informations about the history and won time to enjoy a glass of wine or beer made in Uruguay. When we may show you Montevideo?

Montevideo City Tour

Montevideo is a city where modern present and colonial past unite on a charming way. On this city tour you visit famous as well as un-known sights and furthermore you discover more attractions of Montevideo.

More information you find here ⇒ city tours Montevideo

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Walking Tour Ciudad Vieja

The Ciudad Vieja (old town) is the historical heart of Montevideo. The colonial town was complete walled and formed an enormous citadel. Our walking tour through the ancient old town is an promenade into the 18th and 19th century.

duration: 2 hours
30 USD per person with english speaking guide


Excursions around Montevideo

There are many ways to discover Montevideo! More tours and escursions you find here ⇒ excursions Montevideo

You stay longer in Montevideo and wish to discover and to live the capital of Uruguay on an intensive way? Here you find our special themed tours and your unforgettable travel experiences.

  • Tango Tour
  • Architecture Tour
  • Football Tour
  • Carnival Tour
  • Art Tour

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