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Estancias in Uruguay

Estancias (guest ranches) are the impressive estates in colonial style with endless wideness, cattles on green grazing lands and particulary the mystical Gaucho romance. Throughout Uruguay you can find Estancias, the prestigious stately homes in the middle of huge estates. Numerous historical Estancias present an extraordinary cultural heritage of Uruguay.

Equal if you visit an historical, luxury or an very authentic Estancia; in all Estancias you will live in a world of silence and in balance with the nature and you can enjoy the country life. Plenty estate owners in Uruguay opened the doors of theirs estates and combine the traditional farm work with tourism. Thereby you will get an special insight into this fascinating Gaucho life. Experience historical estates, colonial evidences, authentic country life, Gaucho traditions as well as stunning landscapes.

In several regions of Uruguay we provide you the possibility to spend a day, a weekend or longer on an Estancia in Uruguay. We know all Estancias personally and can assistance you by the selection of the suitable Estancia. The visit on an Estancia is particular qualified for horseback riding, hikes as well as bird watching.

Our recommendation: Combine several Estancias and make an Estancia circular trip through Uruguay. Together with an rental car and some excursions we arrange a tailor-made trip for you. Please don`t hesitate to contact us.

Estancias in Uruguay - Here you will find a small excerpt from our programme.

Estancia EST12

This authentic estancia in the heart of Uruguay is one of our top sellers, as it is located in a historically, prehistorically as well as geologically very interesting region of the country. The estancia is an ideal starting point for varied excursions in the surrounding area and a perfect stopover on your round trip through Uruguay. In addition, horse riders will get their money's worth here with extensive horseback rides.


Our travel tip:
The estancia is ideal for day trips to San Gregorio de Polanco or as a stopover on your journey to Tacuarembó.

Estancia EST16

The estancia is located in the middle of the picturesque Lavalleja mountain range and is particularly suitable for those who want to actively discover Uruguay. The varied leisure activities on this estancia range from hiking, horseback riding, motorbike and mountain bike tours to canoeing, hang gliding and golf.


Our travel tip:
From the estancia you can also make a day trip to the Quebrada de los Cuervos.


Estancia EST05

Take a little trip back in time and visit this imposing Spanish colonial style estancia. The estancia was founded in 1854 and the historic main house is now a National Monument. The small church, the courtyard decorated with majolica, the representative main entrance with its iron forged shield and countless other details remind of the colonial era. The estancia looks back on an eventful history and currently functions as a modern country hotel.


Our travel tip:
A visit to this estancia can also be booked as a day trip from Montevideo.

Estancia EST06

Surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges and only 130 km from Montevideo you can find this modern country hotel. The estancia has its own vineyard and produces excellent wines. In addition, the estancia offers you varied leisure and wellness programs.


Our travel tip:
On this beautiful estancia you can perfectly combine nature and wine enjoyment.

Estancia EST07

Ein Aufenthalt auf dieser exklusiven Estancia ist ein Muss für alle Naturliebhaber! Das Anwesen liegt direkt an einer Lagune und inmitten eines Naturschutzgebietes. Die Anreise zur Estancia führt Sie durch die südlichsten Palmenhaine der Welt und der märchenhafte Ombú-Wald (eine botanische Rarität) ist von der Estancia aus nur einen Katzensprung entfernt. Die Gästezimmer sind sehr komfortabel und die Mahlzeiten ein kulinarisches Vergnügen.

Unser Reisetipp:
Die Estancia eignet sich hervorragend für Naturbeobachtungen sowie für einen Ausflug nach Cabo Polonio.


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Estancia EST20

This Estancia offers you the very big vacation feeling, because the complete property is only at your disposal and the Estancia is therefore perfect for family vacations and/or vacations with friends


Our travel tip:
The estancia is located in a region of Uruguay where you can find countless travel treasures and go on a historical search for traces of history.


Not the right one?

Please contact us so that we can send you more offers for your stay on an estancia in Uruguay. We have a lot of estancias in our program, which we can not publish all here.