Uruguay vacation - Gaucho feasts

Every year in March in Tacuarembó everything revolve around the history of the Gauchos and the rural traditions. The fairground is build as historical camp and it is located directly on a scenic lagoon.

With the inflame of the Creole fire the Fiesta will be opened. During the five days of the festival numerous contests taking place, like cooking on old stoves, construct Ranchos – simple houses build of ground - as well as horse competitions, sales booths and dance. A highlight is without doubts the big parade where thousands of people riding in Gaucho-Outfit through the downtown of Tacuarembó. The locals coming from all over Uruguay to participate at this important festival.

The Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha is a real encomium to the Gauchos but also to the development of the fatherland by Artigas.

In March 2018 the festival will be celebrate for the 32 times. Don`t miss it and gain with us a deep insight in the uruguayan culture full of memorable moments.

Some impression of the Gaucho feast you get on this VIDEO


  • Special Gaucho Tour
    date: 6. - 11. March 2018

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You want to visit the festival and even ride on the big parade? Please contact us and we organise the participation for you.