Estancias in Uruguay

Estancias (guest ranches) are the impressive estates in colonial style with endless wideness, cattles on green grazing lands and particulary the mystical Gaucho romance. Throughout Uruguay you can find Estancias, the prestigious stately homes in the middle of huge estates. Numerous historical Estancias present an extraordinary cultural heritage of Uruguay.

Equal if you visit an historical, luxury or an very authentic Estancias; in all Estancias you will live in a world of silence and in balance with the nature and you can enjoy the country life. Plenty estate owners in Uruguay opened the doors of theirs estates and combine the traditional farm work with tourism. Thereby you will get an special insight into this fascinating Gaucho life. Experience historical estates, colonial evidences, authentic country life, Gaucho traditions as well as stunning landscapes.

In several regions of Uruguay we provide you the possibility to spend a day, a weekend or longer on an Estancia in Uruguay. We know all Estancias personally and can assistance you by the selection of the suitable Estancia. The visit on an Estancia is particular qualified for horseback riding, hikes as well as bird watching.

Our recommendation ⇒ Combine several Estancias and make an Estancia circular trip through Uruguay. Together with an rental car and some excursions we arrange a tailor-made trip for you. Please don`t hesitate to contact us.


Estancias in Uruguay - a little excerpt of our program


  • Estancia EST01

    charming Estancia on historic ground more

    distance to Montevideo: 92 km

  • Estancia EST02

    ancient Estancia on the shores of the Río Negro more

    distance to Montevideo: 293 km
  • Estancia EST03

    comfortable Estancia with tennis court and Spa more

    distance to Montevideo: 370 km
  • Estancia EST04

    exclusive Estancia near Punta del Este more

    distance to Montevideo: 130 km
    distance to Punta del Este: 40 km
  • Estancia EST05

    historical Estancia with spanish colonial buildings more

    distance to Montevideo: 150 km
  • Estancia EST06

    exclusive Estancia with own vineyard more

    distance to Montevideo: 125 km
  • Estancia EST07

    exclusive Estancia directly on the bank of a lagoon more

    distance to Montevideo: 272 km
  • Estancia EST10

    charming Estancia with modern Spa more

    distanca to Montevideo: 98 km
    distance to Colonia del Sacramento: 83 km
  • Estancia EST11

    authentic Estancia more

    distance to Montevideo: 111 km
    distance to Colonia del Sacramento: 90 km
  • Estancia EST12

    authentic Estancia more

    distance to Montevideo: 296 km