Uruguay - a country for discoverer and nature lover

As travel specialist for vacation in Uruguay we are pleased to show you the hidden travel treasures of an very particular country in South America! Uruguay is an undiscovered vacation paradise with fascinating variety of landscapes.

Uruguay is situated in South America, directly on the Atlantic Ocean and between Brasil and Argentina. On its small area Uruguay offers for every taste and wish of vacations the suitable coverage; beach-, horseback riding-, culture- and countryside vacation. Particularly the capital Montevideo is an popular destination. The city amongs to the ten most secured cities of Latin America. Uruguay is still an insider tip. Experience long white beaches, enchanting lagoons and protected landscapes, historical Estancias in colonial style, places full of history and cultural highlights, dreamy fishing villages, vibrant cities and living traditions. Immerge in a world full of impressive contrasts and spend an unforgettable vacation in Uruguay.

Discover Flora and Fauna in Uruguay

The diversified landscape changed within few kilometer and enamored with dream sceneries and a soft hilly interior. The Atlantic Ocean and the Río de la Plata awaits you with miles long white sand beaches and on the lagoons and rivers you can find partly pristine beaches. In Uruguay we can find plenty protected landscapes. Big parts of this areas are only accessible by walk or by horses, wherefor here had developed a speciose animal- and particular bird life. Black neck swans, Flamingos, Nandús, Capybaras and one of the biggest colony of sea lions you can experience on our observation tours from very near.

History and cultural heritage of Uruguay

With Uruguay we combine Mate, Gauchos, Asado, Tango and football. The humans are very friendly and the quality of life is high. In the cities especially in Colonia del Sacramento you can immerge in the history of the country. Numerous of museums, the old city wall and city gates, magnificent buildings, romantic patios and many more relicts from yesteryears reflect the cultural heritage of the country on an impressive way. In Montevideo you can find colonial buildings besides modern architecture. The spirit of the authentic Tango you can experience on the streets and in typical bars. In the heartland you can experience ancient customs of the Gauchos. Especially popular is the „La Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha“. Every March this festival attract thousands of people with its big parade, competions, live music, dance and traditional Asado.


Bienvenidos and welcome to Uruguay!


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