Estancia EST07

This exclusive guest ranch is located among a nature paradise - directly on the bank of a lagoon and surrounded by marshes. The historic Estancia was in colonial times an spanish guard post. The ruins of the colonial house from 1785 were loving restored and rebuilt to an dining room. A big fireplace exudes coziness and the day begins with delicious breakfast combined with view on the lagoon. On the Estancia awaits you family atmosphere and in the kitchen you find a massive stove which was retrieved from a wreck in 1884 and still be in use. The pictorial drive to the Estancia guides you through the southernmost palm groves of the world! Another charming landscape is the close-by Ombú wood. It is an botanical rarity because the Ombú (cat thorn) grow usually not in groupings of more than 3 trees. On an guided walk through the fabulous wood you can marvel trees which are more than 500 years old. The complete environment enchant its visitors with an stunning nature and the varity of Flora and Fauna is awesome.

The guest rooms are very comfortable and the meals a culinary delight. This exclusive Estancias is an oasis of silence and a place for dreaming. Welcome in paradise!


More impressions you can find on this VIDEO