Estancia EST03

The history of this Estancia begins with the first european immigrants and was founded in 1856. The first owner of this Estancia was also the founder of Villa Independencia, the current Fray Bentos. He owned an establishment in the ancient Villa Independencia and he also established the system of corraled estate. Therefor he sended pillares from Liverpool and until today you can find some of them on the entrance of the Estancia. After years of vacantness and emptiness the Estancia changed their owner in 1960. An Belgian family bought what remain from the land and started with the rebuilding of the original houses from 1863 and prevented thereby its colonial style. An particular characteristic are the gracile cast-iron columns which decorate the gallery of the historical house.

The Estancia present a perfect symbiose of rural traditions, modern comfort and belongs to one of the best country hotels of Uruguay. The guest rooms are comfortable and loving arranged in the colonial style. Furthermore the Estancia have an outdoor pool, tennis court as well as an Spa area with sauna, massage and several therapies for face and body. On horseback riding through wonderful landscapes you immerge into a manifold nature and thereby you can observe a speciose varity of birds. A little park invites for a walk and there is situated the "Capilla del Buen Pastor" with its magnificent window. The chapel is an relict of the 19th century and was build in 1873. Furthermore you can enjoy the surroundings on bike or go fishing.

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  • Estancia residence

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  • Arrangement "Side by side with the Gauchos"

    This special arrangement is made for people who are enamored of the life and traditions of the Gauchos, who don`t have timidness of farm work and who likes to be the whole day in the saddle. You ride side by side with the Gauchos and help by the cattle drive or other daily farm works. You wander across the pasture land and make sure that everything is all right. The extensive rides drive you until the shores of the river and you will return in the evening to the Estancia.

    ⇒ This is an unforgettable adventure and starts in that moment when you put your foots into the stirrup.

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